Your Sexpert Responds – Female Ejaculation

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We have Scott M who wanted to know about Female ejaculation at The Daily What Tease. Some schmuck commented that obviously I have no idea what a G-spot was, um like douchchugger the question wasn’t about the G-spot and I can only imagine what kind of pussy squirting connoisseur you are (eyes rolling oh so Jappy). With that being said lick my squirting liquid love ya loser!

Ask a Sexpert of the Day: Scott M. writes:

I heard that any woman can have a squirting type of female ejaculation. I discussed this with my wife, and we decided to try it. I inserted my fingers and performed the come-hither with my finger to massage the area, but nothing happened.

Can any woman have this type of ejaculation? If so, what the hell could I have been doing wrong?

Great question, Mr. McSquirt! I’ve had this discussion with my girlfriends for years, and, from my many conversations on the subject of female ejaculation, I’m going to say that not every woman has that ability.

I am one of the fortunate ones who can have a fountain of an orgasm. I’ve never squirted from the move-your-finger-in-a-”come hither”-motion, what’s made me shoot was a nice big c*ck slowly sliding in and out — hitting me in all the right spots. Fingering might be a bit too high school to get your wife off. While you’re finger-banging her, she may not be relaxed enough because she’s being reminded of that time she played 10 minutes in heaven at Muffy Barrington’s house in tenth grade. You might want to try a nice solid and slow pounding, missionary-style, while guiding her to massage her clit. A glass of wine or a joint beforehand might help, too. The point is, being able to squirt is a state of mind more than anything, and being able to relax enough to focus on the pleasure taking place. Next time try 10 minutes of sensuous p*ssy licking. Then f*ck her deeply and slowly.

If that doesn’t make her squirt, she may just not be built for gushing. Don’t take it personally.

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