You Wear A Bra And Panties You’re a Sissy

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Spit roast time, an old pig loser came out of of his Niteflirt coma and woke back up oinking for my panties. Old goy toy the guy with the girls name who loves to wear bras, panties and sniff superior Jewish ass. I’ve taken it upon myself to fuck this dummy over and over with a series of mind control games. He feels so proud that I took $600 in under an hour with such ease and manipulation with the ass hypnosis of a major JAP. Quite frankly loser, don’t be so impressed with yourself, you’re still in the minor cash pig leagues and I’m going to bend you over and fuck you lubeless right into the major loser leagues.
He’s a weak little pantie pig loser and his girlfriend is no better. Porky and Porkette Piggy the couple made to serve me. He’s such a slob of a pervert loser he actually got into his bra and panties, threw on some lipstick and went and jerked off over Shiksa girls face while she was sleeping.
A few great quotes from the loser pig library of idiocy.
***** My wallet slipped out of my butt princess thinks i am a slut she picked up my money and thought it was funny and fucked my piggy boy butt
***** She gagged me and bound me with Kosher cum filled pink lacy panties. she make me pay 50$ for pics I already had and then laughed at me. but they were pantie pics again….and now im a pantie junkie. pathetic
***** twinkle twinkle little goy princess treats me like a toy fucks me over fun and games rapes my ass and call me names twinkle twinkle lil goy im a fucking loser boy 🙁
I must have made this reject pay for the same photo about 10 times. Stupid dumb idiot is about to get fucked so hard ! Update later!