Work Those Hips Out Sissy Boi

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Hey goy boys and jew jew bees,
All dolled up while the wife is at work makes Krissy a pretty sissy boy. With the new release of the new Beyonce / Lady Gaga video Video Phone I thought it would be appropriate for the sissy to learn his best poses and dance moves from a prior humiliation assignment and show them off for me while we were doing a little video action of our own. I had my boyfriend over here and had him in on the fun, We love the sissy Krissy, great legs pussy face. He couldn’t find his dildo which was kinda a bust but, there’s always next time!
I took a slew of new japtastic photos to over charge you for on Niteflirt via pay to view. What do you know, as I’m composing this blog a little submissive pay pig cash slave ass pig just oinked at my door. Come on in little piggy, thats right lets open that wallet and show you what happens when a real Jewish Princess takes the wheel.
Hanukkah is early this year so get your credit cards ready for swiping. Last year I ended up with a few grand in gift cards from all you ass puppets and this year I want double that. Did you hear me, I said this year I want double that!
I kinda want a pair of Ugg boots but like, they are soooo ugly and personally I think they are totally played out but fuck, my prissy toes are cold and well, I guess I could just wear them as slippers and never be seen outside my house in them. Shoe slaves go make yourself useful and get me a pair. Pronto ya dump pup.