Wimpy Boy Toys Wilt At My Jewish Princess Bratdom

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Wimpy wimpertons approaching me at a rapid pace tending to my super Jappy life of leisure. I cleaned one salivating wimp out when I told him there was this super hot French Connection trench I needed but it was $375 and I really didn’t think I should have to dip into my wallet. I sent him this like totally hot picture of my precious pout and the wimp totally caved and popped me out a $400 Macy’s gift card.
Tim my Baltimore bozo cuckboy thought I wouldn’t notice that he said he sent me a $100 spa card that never arrived. Like really Tim, did you think I was going to tolerate that? Busted and called out for being a Indian giving loser that he is Tim forgot I had his address and work info. I know you’re thinking this is starting to sound like blackmail right?
Timmy apologized for being such a take back tard and quickly sent me $200 to make me happy. We ended up getting into a really personal conversation and next thing you know I’m looking at pictures of his wife. It was like totally weird to see one photo of her and the outside of the house through a window that I recognized when I put his address into Google Earth.
She would like so flip out if she knew I was posting anything about her! I loved this really funny picture of the happy couple, I kinda wanted to post the picture with full face but, I thought I would be nice since Tim has paid me to keep my yenta mouth shut. At least you guys know it takes cash to keep me quiet.
Oh yeah and to the guy in the market that told me I had a beautiful ass, thanks, you have a really dumpy saggy ass. I’m feeling greedy so come fill my insatiable need for me.