When Guys Pretend They Are Women Online

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More loser phone sex fan mail came to me today but this one is written from a “wife” because we all know that if someones wife saw this the first thing they would do is send me an email like the following. What a total loser, I told “her” to call me but of course “she” was too scared she might get turned on by hearing my voice. Guys if you’re going to pretend you’re a Woman on the internet you really need to learn how Woman speak.
“Hello. The shared network of my laptop was left on connecting me to my husband’s computer and I saw some messages to you? Jappy Princess Melissa? Gorgeous! umm, my dorm dream in my college daze:) maybe his sweet nightmare? lol I’m a psych RN and have him set up in weekly therapy with a man but he is only getting worse. Chronic, chronic masturbator! I may try catheterization tehniques and or sodium derivatives to take down his testerone level. Maybe. Like your listing…Very interesting notions and I’m intrigued by your …wow! I just deal with the extreme messed up and not so psycho-sexually minded. Some yes. Nymphomania and Feminism I wrote my final paper on. Have you two been cheating on me or sessioning for long? Where are you? Just may decide on the severity of punishment! I mean this doesn’t look normal.at all…some subtle arrangement? Maybe meeting and talking when I am not home it seems. Well it is not as if I haven’t suspected something but I find the queerest stuff on his unit, like real queer cock worshipping hypnosis MP3s and videos and a list of stock craig’s list ads to couples? Not to mention some toys here I’ve never even seen before,”Ram-Me” ridged bat, huh? Jeez. Assmuppet? Prostate IS quite the gateway and maybe he needs to be only gay. Is that what you are setting him up for? omg. He has too much extra time having lost his job due to “indescretions.” I am far too busy to be concerned about you and him directly unless you are doing him on the sly (I get it cause u are a hottie clearly and must be very intelligent too…He on the other hand is just lost in something again, but I’m glad to know the secrets and I really don’t care unless it’s a way to use him up. Maybe. THAT I WOULD ADORE! I have better things to do. Not sure now what sort of marriage it is. Am married to my work and without children– in New Hampshire and am rarely on-line outside of the unit, yet maybe I should check here for you on occasion? You sound like a very interesting young woman with some fascinating ideas with which I bet you will go far. I’ve just never heard of such a thing. I am no prude by any means, and can share more later, but I DO in fact shower thoroughly when I get home, including my clothes, as I pursue my own interests in a kind of staff circle, taking turns. He tries to grope me when I come in the door like some starved pup. I am petite and although Kirk has The Gift I’m sure he has “shared” with you, it has proven too painful for me and I discourage his nightly advances for quite some time now. I attach of photo of me as I know he has shared his wealth with you. Perhaps somehow u can enlighten me futher. I will not discuss this with him directly under any circumstances. I have the ability to change and change back his passwords on NiteFlirt from work or any location. He needs to be controlled, and I apolgize for the length of this letter and will not bother you as I know you must be sweetly busy, wink:) wink). I’ll remain ON for your reply. Thank you. Warmest regards, –Katherine”