What the fans say…. Dear Jewish Bitchstress? Hmmm

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I need my own talk show “Ask the spoiled snotty Jewish bitch” Maybe I should make a new line for that…
Ask the Jappy Princess Hotline! OMG!!!! I love it!!!

I had a really good morning with a Sissy in San Diego who ended up dropping $300 in my pocket in a mere 20 min!
I love a fast fuck so much YUM!

I also had a great session with a lame ass geek Brown Noser who got schooled in the fine of “why Jews are superior”
I mean like duh… think about it…. All of our last names are like precious gems!!
1. Gold (Goldberg,goldstein I can go on and on)
2. Diamond
3. Silver (Silverman again…. I can go on)
4. Pearl (pearlman etc….)