Weird Fetishes And Kinks

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In another edition of weird fetishes and kinks we have this stranger caller of mine. He has a Hairdresser fetish and yeah he’s totally weird but I’ve done this call with him a few times and its as hysterical as his message to me. Time to break out the leopard print cape and the flattening iron. Someones gonna get their DO on.

“Hi Princess Melissa i messaged you ages ago. havent seen you on in awhile. i believe i tried connecting you and no luck. anyway im the guy with the hairdresser fetish. i have a hair fetish. i love the hair industry and the salon and hairdressers. i luv the smells sights sounds and just the atmosphere if the salon. im a hairdresser myself, . i love tools and things used in the salon. the chair the material of it and how seeing a womans beautiful leg pump it up and down. the gloves and apron. and most of all i luv the hairdressing cape. the vinyl pvc shampoo cape to be exact. the feel of it. i luv seeing it on a woman but i luv the way it feels on me. anyways i was hoping you would be into playing as my kinky hairdresser and me your client. when i masturbate i wear a cape and rubber gloves. i cum in the cape. its such an experience and id like you to help. just for an idea of what im thinking. im hoping to do a role play where i come in like any guy for a hair trim but you see me get turned on by you and start masturbating using the cape so you decide to punish me by turning me into your little sissy salon cape slut. you doll me up with a nice perm and updo and tell me to use my cape to humiliate myself in front of you and the gals. and also coaxing me and helping me along outside the roleplay with the cape humiliation. im reallywearing a cape and ill be using it. the realness of your interaction with the cape is a huge turn on. so maybe we roleplay til i ask to cum and then you talk me along with my cape. sound fun?”