Vegas In Los Angeles And I’m The Big Winner

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I have been like so totally busy going to Halloween parties and having a trick come in town from Vegas. One of my loyal Jewish Princess addicts WynnwinWynn came to Los Angeles last week and begged to meet me since we have been talking on Niteflirt for a long time. This guy has been a really good sugar pig for a long time so I thought I might as well meet him since it was a pretty much guarantee I was going to take him for a serious trip down wallet rape lane.
Noon on a Thursday smack in the middle of every Hollywood lunch meeting I brought my friend Jennifer with me and we met up with him at the Four Seasons bar in Beverly Hills. Now, I’ve seen a lot of my callers but wow loser Las Vegas was a real winner. Married, 42 and ultra successful in business just what a Jewish Princess like me needs to get wet. We got really nice and buzzed on champagne and decided to go to the suite and order lunch. We got our guy naked and tied him to a chair while we enjoyed our lunch and I sat and took calls on Niteflirt. Yummy fine dining on some losers credit card in a sexy suite at the Four Seasons life is so great when your me, when your the sorry ass who’s having to pay, not so great. After we were just stuffed we ordered every dessert on the menu and just took one bite just to be extra bitchy. WynnwinWynn was fortunate enough to get to be under my ass for a whole 90 minutes as I sat with a caller and used his face as my chair. He did say he always dreamed of being at my ass. I like totally made out with a cool $5000 for a nice afternoon of ass smothering and using and so much more. Thanks Vegas!! It’s always a pleasure!

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