Trannies And A Ped Egg Fetish

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You know how there are all these super off the wall fetishes out there like people in love with inanimate objects and the list goes on. Have we discussed the foot fetish art of worshipping someones dry foot scrapings. Sorry for ruining whatever meal you had prior or one that I just ruined. This whole pedi egg foot scraping fetish is so beyond gross. Guys actually buy the foot parmesan fresh grated from girls dry feet! You don’t even deserve to have a cock to be into something that gross. Thats really taking worship to an entirely new level of nasty.

“Im looking to set up a call with you where you either give me instructions or participate in a brutal humiliation call. I am a 45 yr old white businessman, and I’m going to Philadelphia tomorrow night and staying in a hotel. I found a group of three black trannies on who specialize in humiliating white sissyfags (which I am), and I would like you to either give me direction on what I should ask them to do to me, or have you on speaker phone during our session telling us what to do. I would like to be brutalized, and made to feel real fear. Love to start off servicing their feet, and having them use a pedi egg to scrape the dead skin off the bottom of their feet right into my open mouth, with the threat of having my balls kicked into my stomach if I shut my mouth. Also interested in taking them out for some brutalpublic humiliation, where they take turns French kissing me in a crowded bar or Starbucks, tweaking my nipples like a little bitch. As you can see, the worse you can treat me, the better. I’m thinking the call will go at least two hours, so please let me know if this is something that interests you and we can set it up. I really hope you are up for this, as I need someone like you to encourage this so I don’t back out”