Totally Desperate Losers Love Me

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I’ve been hanging in New York the past week seeing friends and shopping up a massive Jewish Princess storm at Bergdorff. I see a new Chloe handbag in my new future that the desperate loser who sat on the phone with me yesterday for 10 hours and a ton of paid mails. I know 10 hours is a long ass time but this shmuck was so needy for me he had to stay on with me the entire day. I went about my day forwarding to my cell I went out to lunch and back and the submissive desperate loser stayed on the phone. At $3.00 a min I really didn’t mind since I knew that it was all my money and he needed to be drained by the Jewish Princess. Know one knows a good day of Financial Domination like a little J.A.P.
I Rock!