Tommy Moronovitch Miss Pumpkin Fucker 2012

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Happy Halloween party rockin freaks, I went old skool this year and did a few looks first I was a hot and sexy Britney Spears school girl outfit. That was the one party I went too where I would make guys get on their knees and I would park my big Jappy ass on there face and tell them they were the bleachers. It was kinda hot this one dork Brad who I see at every party my friend throws is always begging me to “go out sometime” even though I have zero interest and he knows it. So I asked him if he wanted to play a game of under the bleachers and he did. He got down on his knees and while I sat on his face grinding my cotton panty clad ass on him I called over my Jappy Prince and started to make out with him. I think I might have even let a little fart out! Gross but like I ate some ice cream and well ya know how dairy and the Jews are. He probably was hoping I would fart on his face because he was probably a fart fetish lover!
Anyway, It’s that time of the year again where I like to showcase the idiot stunts that my jerk off losers will do for me upon my Princess request. Here we have my closet sissy loser I like to call him Tommy Moronovitch because he’s such a moron for me. I know once he sees this he’s going to freak that I put his real name in. As if I give a shit! There’s only one way to get me to change that name….. $$$$$ cash, money loser! I love that I can get my loser posse to do whatever I want that like kinda gets me off a little. But not as much as a new piece of Louis Vuitton luggage does. Workin your wallet bitches! Happy Halloween