The Passover Goy Putz

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Hey dorks, Happy Passover and Happy Easter, I’m still wanting to know what the bunny and the eggs and the gifts have to do with anything. What’s with the non Jews all needing holidays to have excuses to get gifts, When your a Jewish Princess you just get gifts all the time because every day is a holiday.
So I was on the lookout for a Passover putz to make a fool of himself for me to get my jolly’s off a bit. One of my highly addicted Jewish slave’s Jeff came down with some medical issues so we had to pull him out of the game for this one. Don’t worry Slave Jeff you’ll get your Jewish Princess humiliation as soon as you are feeling fresh my patent leather ballet shoes polished perfectly.
Sissy Goy boy got all excited and wanted to be my own Passover goy toy. The moment I twittered I was looking for a Passover putz he sent me a message asking if he needed to be Jewish. A loser is a loser, he was ready to go out to to store and get himself a few goodies. List in hand, box of matzoh, panties, 1 jar of grody gifilte fish, I’m sure 90% of you turd rockets reading this don’t even know what the fuck gifilte fish is. That’s what google is for so, I’m not about to explain it.
When I got the mail with these pathetic photos I spit my Starbucks non fat latte all over my bestie Jules shirt (loser you are totally paying for the dry cleaning). We laughed so hard I could’nt wait to shame this hopeless loser and post these photos all over twitter, facebook and other assorted douchy social networking sites. I bet my friends at Heeb Magazine might even like these, now THAT would be humiliating! I wonder how horseradish would feel on that grody little stinky fish dick of his. Like seriously what woman would ever suck that thing. Grody ass fish dick. Yeah you reading this goonie, your next.