The One About The Damsel In Distress Fantasy

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New hysterical fanboy phone sex request from another moron who must not have paid attention to who I am besides just some hot bitch that got his dick hard on Niteflirt.

“I was curious about if you take any requests for custom pictures. I wanted to inquire about possibly commissioning 3-4 custom pictures and what the price range would be. I have a fetish for damsels in distress and girls tied and gagged, so the pictures would be of you with a scarf, sock, or cloth tied between your teeth like a gag and with a look of fear and anger on your face. The more dramatic and cheesy, the better! Let me know if that’s possible and what you think an appropriate tribute price would be, thanks!”

Dear douche bomb, take the time to do your homework before you come to me with some stupid request. Do I look like I would ever be a damsel in stress to get your loser fantasy off. Dramatic and cheesy photos for you to put your tiny cock in your hand and jack off to me over and over while im looking like some dumb bitch in distress. Get real dummy, the only distress you’re going to see is your fugly small cock while you’re gagged with my fresh fucked cream pie panties. If you want that photo set it’s going to cost you $50,000 so let me know! Oh yeah, thats not a negotiable rate.