The Loser Who Fucked His Shoe

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So like, how big of a loser do you have to be to go on vacation to Hawaii, get all fucked up and sit and call Niteflirt in the early hours of the day? That’s super loser jerk off status achievement right there. Loser Andrew was all drunk and alone because he’s such a loser he couldn’t even pick up desperate late night pussy. He’s a hardcore Niteflirt jerk off addict. He thinks about jerking off and being exposed non stop all he wants to do is get plastered all over the internet. Of course after he splooges all over he feels the shame.
You must be a total reject if you’re in a vacation destination and cant find some desperate drunk chick. So here he is live and on web cam because he just had to humiliate himself and show me his identification to see if I would post it. Of course I’m going to blur it out because he WANTS me to show it, pay for me to show it! I let out a huge Jewish Princess sized GRODY when I saw his disgusting small uncircumcised cock. I immediately didn’t want to see that thing it was far too nasty. It was time for him to hide that nasty goy dick so I made him take his shoe and use that as a pussy to fuck. Oh yeah, sorry for the ball sack of his showing, I know its like super ugly and gross but, it’s still kinda funny. I mean come on, the loser is fucking a sneaker.
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