The Loser Reject-O That Rides Like A Queen

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Hey nerds, stalkers and Jewish Princess lovers, I’m back from NYC and a full week of shopping, fine dining and culture. I know you missed me with the exception of the lucky few who got to talk to me.
I have really high expectations for my latest loser project that’s underway. I plan on using him up and abusing him like the fag that he is.
About my new idiot:
His name is Ricky Retardo, Pac 10 educated with B.S. in Finance & Marketing, Occupation: Grocery Clerk (Associate of the Month June 2007)
Status: Single Pole Smoker
Recovering Drug Addict/Alcohol Abuser (now addicted to humiliation, cock swallowing and self-bukkake)
Goals: Get used, abused and humiliated and feed my addiction to Cock and A Superior Jewish Princess.
With so many of you idiots begging for my attention I’m thinking I might come up with a contest something like Banished to the Village of Idiots, take part in LoserDome and match wits with other Morons !! Think about it? I’m nearly gagging at the thought of how many of you little loser dicks just got hard right now thinking of being the top loser.
So like, now they want to make a reality show with Jewish American Princess’s. I think maybe they need to make one that’s got the not so stereotypical Jewish Princess. You know the kind like me, the kind that likes to talk shit, not give a fuck about Prada and into getting laid by a big cock! Bottom line is, one thing unites all of us Jewish American Princess’s we love money and we always get our way.
Q.What’s a Jewish American Princess’s favorite position?
A. Facing Your Wallet
I’m back, taking calls and coming up with even more ways to fuck you fools over. Kissy Kissy