The Heat Brings Out Super Geeks Niteflirt Dork Callers

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Super geeks are coming out in the heat like crazy! I know I really haven’t been writing much but you know It is like Summer and I do need to get out and play. I do have my phones with me and on so I can talk shit to you dorks at nearly all times and places. Don’t be too shocked if I’m with my hot boyfriend or some of my girlfriends.
Super snazzy maniac and I had a really awesome hour long debate whether I am Jewish or just pretending to be. Now, I can understand having that conversation with me but, don’t you think the fuckadoodle should at least know his own shit to back it up. Dick wad didn’t even know a lick of Hebrew.
Now of course it can only get better then that.
I get this barely audible freak calling me,he has a thick accent and tells me he’s Indian. He gets on web cam and he is most definitely NOT a man of Indian decent but a total Arab. As soon as I called him out on lying he went crazy on how Jews are the devil! HA HA HA!! 3 hours later and $$$ he told me he was obsessed with me. He keeps emailing me and begging me to come meet him and marry him. Ewww Gross Grody! Can you even imagine!
Your Favorite Jewish Princess

New callers who click on it will get 3 free minutes.