The Ear Fetish Guy

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Phone sex requests are always amusing but when the gems come along I get so excited. This one is a ear fetish guy. Yeah I know, the ear fetish thats a new one for me too. I know I have adorable ears, they fit on my face and don’t stick out, my lobes are cute and they look even cuter with my diamond studs in them.

” Princess Melissa can you add to your list to make the next great ear fetish video: Where are you pry your ears and stretch ( the upper) part of your ears so that they become red hot and really soft. My ear fetish can be intense and and I’ve been looking at photos of you all day long magnifying your ears. I know i’m not good enough to get close enough to a Princess like you and I would live for a this video to help me with my ear fetish.
Your ears are sexy in every way. I love the gold hoop earrings in your ear, the circles leading to your earlobes are starting to hypnotize me my Jewish Princess. Be sure to show the video camera to your ears to the front and from behind and from all angles 🙂 I will only stroke and honor your ears forever.”

What a total loser, I figure fuck it, he wants it that bad I’ll do it for $1,000 theres no he’s not going to pay for every gross loser orgasm he has looking at me.