Tease And Deny Aching For That Release

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Hey there shumuckdoodles, My abs ache from laughing so hard over my 4 hour tease and deny sessions that have occurred in the past 24 hours. Something sexy must have been in the air last night, besides my nose. Yesterdays laughter started with a 2 hour ass groveling tease and denial session.
There was nothing special about this loser other then the fact of how long I kept him going. It started with him begging for release if he bought a set of ass worship photos. I told him I’d consider it but his best bet was to buy the pictures and get me in a good mood. Click and pay went the pig and all I could do was laugh in his face and tell him to feel his balls ache for a little while longer just to really savor that flavor of lust. He kept running out of cash on Niteflirt so we kept getting interrupted at the one minute warning. With each one min left I lead him closer and closer to believing that this was going to be the time I allow him to release.
It took him over $200 and 2 hours to figure out I was just using him for his cash and not really ever intending on letting him shoot his gooberry smoothie. Ha Ha DENIED DORK!
Two hours of bullshitting and it was time to hit the gym and sauna and relax before heading home to watch Obama give the State Of The Union. Freshly showered glass of wine poured, tv on and ring ring ring. 90% of the country is watching the Obama and I have some flirty fruit basket calling the moment it starts. Thank you for existing tivo you rock my world.
So this femmy sissy boy takes up the next 2 hours of my life trying to figure out why so many goy boys are gay and how they got that way. I convinced him its from growing up in churches with all the pervert priests. Sounds good to me. He also wanted so badly to suck on a big hard kosher Jewish cock. He wanted to serve Jewish men and be a little worker bee for a superior Jewish couple. I kept him on the phone as I went to my Boyfriends house for dinner and all he wanted to do was talk to him and beg to suck his big Jewish cock. My boyfriend told him no inferior goy boys allowed looking at his cock. We laughed at him, used him and then he paid for our dinner. Once again, DENIED!
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