Tax Day Pay Day From Your Bank Account Into Mine

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Taxes yeah, they suck and we all have to deal with them. One thing that I love more then most people about tax day is that you pay pigs who get those big refunds get on all fours, wallet in hand and ready for me to do my own accounting making your refund my find.
With the new Ipad and new Macbook out I’m going to be needing both of those, yeah I know I just got a new Macbook last year but up like, time for an upgrade, I’m a Jewish Princess, I have to have the latest and greatest Steve Jobs toy’s. I can see you now shaking your head in agreement with me, so with that said lets get those Amazon gift cards rolling in. I need another 4 grand or so , fun money!
Subby Jeff was back begging for release and was ready to get put through the pathetic paces of public shopping mall humiliation task #2, more to follow on that in my next posting.
I think I’m heading down to Coachella on Sunday, and yea like duh I’ll bring my phone with me so I can cash in while I’m most likely getting tan and sipping on some fruity girly drink with a joint at my side. One of my nerdy dork boy callers is a big music industry snob who hooked me up with VIP tickets and will pay for our hotel if my girlfriend and I show up. One of the perks of being a super hot Jewish chick is that like we get so spoiled and always have the best hook ups! Oh the really funny thing is, the dork thinks that him and his friends have a chance to like actually have a chance at getting a piece of my friend and I. The only thing they will get is a big piece of cash taken from their expense accounts by the time we leave the desert. Rock on bitches.