Super Sucker Economy Chump Pumper

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Back from vacation from seeing my fams in Florida it was so excellent thanks so much you guys for all the tributes and gift certificates to take with me so I could get some pre Hanukkah gifts for myself of course.  I went every day for a massage at my fave spa in Boca compliments of Deli232.  I can’t believe how many of you whiney losers missed me while I was away for a week get a grip losers. I understand the addiction of needing the most stimulating conversation with the hottest Jewish Princess but really, emails begging me to log in while I’m booked for massage, get real idiots.

So many of my friends just love that I use men for money and take advantage all while flaunting the fact that I’m hot and most of all that I’m a Jewish Princess.  We all love to sit around and laugh at the expense of loseriffic ass nozzles like you reading this.  My big round ass totally took advantage of this little dick loser who begged to have my ass hypnotize him. I sent him a butt load (no pun intended) of pictures of my ass swaying back and forth until I had him totally put under my ass spell.  My round ass tick tocked 2 hours of idiocy and a $400 tribute on top that was just for letting him put his loser lips on my big round fanny.  Oh how I love the holidays and I love working guys over!  Seriously,  all of you losers who are calling with the short ass economy pump are really grossing me out. Like just because the economy sucks why should I have to suffer with your cheap chump pumps! Like duh, you give it ALL to me.

Gimme a call, new callers to Niteflirt get 3 min free.