Super Spoiled Jewish Princess Cash Extraction Professional

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Junkie bells, Junkie bells , Junkies all the way, Oh way fun it is to ride through a green cash holiday HEY!
December is like totally the month where the gifts just keep on giving and loads of out of town losers flock to the city of Angeles for warm weather and sexy people. I got to meet one of Niteflirts biggest call sluts richlawpig while he was in town. He had a full night to party so my friend and I made him get car service for the night and then take us to dinner but first we made him beg and march his pathetic ass to the mall and get us each a gift certificate to Macy’s for $1000. The law pig understood the needs of a bitchy Jewish Princess and her dominating ways so he jumped at the moment to kiss my ass. Hottie lawpig loser has an extreme fetish for that lethal combination of Niteflirt addiction,phone domination and a Jewish Princess. He ended up making out with my ass at the end of the night after I made him give me a $2000 GC from the Juicy store on Rodeo. All I had to do was bitch at him in public and talk down to him like the demeaning little Princess that I am.
We had an amazing night. The next day a very special delivery came and it was a stunning Elsa Peretti diamond necklace and $800 , $100 for each day of Hanukkah. All from my ass sucking Jewish Princess loving pig. Seriously , who else knows how to fuck a man over for money just being born into perfection.
Jewish Princess Melissa

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