Super Loser Delivers A Special Box Of Chocolates

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Hey dorks, I had like the most super awesome Valentines Day ever. My Jewish Prince wined and dined me and got me orchids, roses AND lily’s. Take some tips on my favorite flowers goy boys pop quiz coming later. My humiliation assignment was a big hit this year. As usual you perve junkies jump at the chance to get to humiliate yourself making me pictures or getting on web cam for me.
Valentines morning started off right with one hyped up sissy who had completed his humiliation task and was ready to step up and show me the goods. His girlfriend was out of town so I was the ONLY Valentine that mattered that day.
Sissy cutie pie found himself his box of chocolates with a perfectly fitting crown on the Princess heart box. He read his directions and was ready to be a total loser and deliver his Jewish Princess a decadent box of loser cocklates. Pretty in a skin tight slutty pink dress, pale pink lipstick and a shimmer pastel eyeshadow the show was about to begin.
As you can see from the pictures the super loser sissy boi has his really small 4 inch bic lighter dick stuffed “Valentine dick in a box” style. I sent the unedited photo with his face and dicklet to all my friends and I’m pretty sure that spread like a sluts legs on Valentines day. I was feeling really giddy after this performance and decided to let the dorky sissy make his own cream topping for the chocolates. Yes, I like totally made him jerk it IN the box. Yes, I made him eat them after!

Loser Makes CocklatesLoser Cocklates For Princess