Super Jappy Super Spoiled Super Brat

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To all my Niteflirt followers I sent out a new mini story “You Are A Boner-Fide Member of Generation L” and I expect that if you haven’t already paid for it then you immediately get to your Niteflirt mail, click and pay. I even added a really hot picture of me but just 1 because I didn’t think you deserved much more then that.
Ricky Retardo came back to me with his first humiliation assignment and I pretty much took one look at it in his hot pink Mead wire bound notebook (with the faggy unicorn on the front) and I ripped it up and tossed it right in his fugly face. He came back with a new understanding of pleasing his Jewish Princess and got it right. While he’s out licking some big daddy’s balls earning cash for his cutie. I’m here thinking of many way’s to put this queenie bitch to work.
Tommy thought it would be nice if he didn’t jerk it while I was away in NY. I had him call me while I shopped in Bloomingdale’s and pay for the new Marc Jacobs dress I fell in love with. What a loser, I found his ex girlfriend on Facbook after doing some detective work. What would she think about the photo of him with his cock in green bagel? Of course I saved the versions with his face NOT blurred. I think I need MORE spa cards and cash….

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My foolish foot fetish slave D.T got me the shoes I wanted from Dolce Vita, Thanks loser, I would be more then happy to smash your balls right under my super Jappy Jewish Princess feet