Super Grody Loser Spooges In His Own Face

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Oh no Lindsay Lohan just went to jail! She looked so super hot strutting her skinny ass in there. She was prob on Xanax or something to be so chill. I got a call while I was busy reading TMZ and watching it live and made the idiot sit and PAY to wait for me to be done. Seriously, like interrupt me while lilo gets sent to the slammer, yeah , I don’t think so.
Humiliation slut Jeff has been waiting and waiting for me to mention him. Jeff, you better replenish that wallet, Victoria Secret misses you.
I just had a Pink Berry and like totally nearly had to go throw up after I got this call from my little Indian bitch boy Rajeats4jap. He begged me to let him get on camera and beat his balls and then make him cum in his own face. At $2.99 a minute on Niteflirt I was not about to bother with the loser unless he paid at least a dollar more per min to get my eye’s to look at his gross tootsie roll looking cock.
He had this freaky nut cracker looking ball busting device clamped on his pecker but I was too busy being grossed out to screen capture those shots and honestly I didn’t want it dirtying up my site. It’s not like the picture posted is anything sexy but, Its totally a hot glamour shot of the loser. It’s great that he can get so flexible. I love making examples out of nut busting cum eating homos like this one, drink your hot jizz loser! Exposing one dork after the next all lined up ready to humiliate themselves to their hot superior bitchy Jewish Princess, the fun never ends.