Stupid Boys Do Stupid Things

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Some boys will like seriously do the most stupid things just to impress me. Dumb dumb dollar dropper Brad Logan didn’t even put up a fight with his personal information. It seems that the more he see’s my precious Jewish Princess feet the more brainless the geek becomes. My smooth pedicured Jewish Princess feet never had to stand and work all day soles spread out flat in his nerd face and him there ready for me to command of him to impress me.
Him giving me his phone number wasn’t really the best idea ( 6*3-5*3-41*6) I’m sure he figured I wouldn’t call his bluff and use the number. As I’m writing this right now as a matter of fast I’m calling him and leaving a message telling him to get his ass to the bank and pop on $500 because I’ve got some cash extracting and new shoes I want and well, he just can’t say no. The harder the cock gets the stupider his swollen brain becomes and well like duh, I’m totally going to take full advantage of him because I can!
I’m getting hot for Valentine’s Day, my Jewish Princess is going to get the best cock sucking ever maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get a pearl necklace. Dream on geek squad you’d never get to see!

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Jewish Princess Valentine