St Patricks Day Humiliation Fairy Sissy Thomas

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Happy St Patrick’s Day dorks! So I had sent out a tweet shouting out to the global universe of my dorky followers (not ALL OF YOU) asking which one of you horny little Jewish Princess lovers was going to run out and get a Green bagel and stick their puny dick in it.
Waving his virtual limp wrist at me with the excitement of a new puppy,- eager loser google stalker Tommy Sissy Loser was ready to humiliate himself for my personal amusement. Can you believe this this guy actually works for NASA! I sent him out to Sephora to find a new shade of lipstick and have an employee take a photo. Hysterical, look at this sissy loser with that look of “what the fuck am I doing here”. Dedication people, my loyal loser Jewish Princess lusters will do ANYTHING for me and ANYTHING to be my fun puppet to show off to all my friends.
Tommy is really someone who needs outing for being such a pansy with glittery shamrocks at his side. I hope his friends from work google his name and find him here looking so pathetic and silly. Spa time super geeks. Get drunk and pay for my massages.

3/19/2010 ****** PHOTOS REMOVED AFTER $$$$ REMOVAL FEE WAS PAID************ Pictures will come back with face blurred.

Green St Pattys Loser Green With Loser