Sissy Tommy Thanksgiving Humiliation

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It’s no secret that my manipulative Jewish Princess self can get nerds and losers to fall under my mystical spell and do anything I say. Everyone knows I love a good holiday humiliation idiot to put on my site to expose the world to the roaming idiots in your very own neighborhood. If you didn’t figure it out already, they are everywhere, and most likely you reader, are one of them.
Sissy loser Tommy put on his pink wings and I chose something fem and frilly for his panties, I noticed he lost a little of that chub. I’m a bit proud since I put him on a strict work out schedule heavy on the cardio side. The tiara was extra sparkly and he was super stoked to show off his ballet moves and get his little super clit all nice and ready for close up with his pie ready to shine like a fairy homo star. I took some video off it if you’re interested in seeing it along with the pictures except in the video I expose his face and then everyone will find out Tommy Moron who works at NASA in DC does pathetic things like fuck apple pies and dance around like a fairy. My very own Jappy jerky turkey.
PS. I will not be having apple pie this year. Thanks a lot. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!