Sissy Sperm Lover Jeans

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It’s torching out today so that means there’s no better place to hide then over at Nordstrom over in Hollywood for a quick shopping raid and then a pedicure for my foot slaves to jack their wallets too.
New Niteflirt phone slob alert, he calls himself loser pickle puller. Awesome name, same ol standard loser except this putz had a full on all day tick where he called for 6 hours straight every 15 minutes on the spot. He would call and sing a pop song then ask me to rate it. It was amazing, I picked the song and bam he called back and went to town on it. It was like my very own Jewish Princess American Idol. He sucked too, it was pure hell on my precious eardrums. Like I gave a shit, I listened to that shit while I sat at the pool, texted my friends and got paid. Eat that dick face!
I found the perfect jeans fit just for a sissy boy cock sucker. I get so many calls from you boy’s begging to have a big cock in your mouth. Now’s your chance to wear what you ache for, loads of dripping sperms dripping down a hot man’s leg and right into your pouty dick sucking lips. You know that’s what you dream about at night, being there on you’re knees waiting for that big pulsing man cock to blow up down your throat. It’s summer you’re paying for my beach house so get to filling up my wallet at Niteflirt you little pay pigs. When out not wanting to talk to you then fill up my wallet and listen to my hot greedy Jewish Princess voice at Niteflirt with my mp3s and recorded listing.