Sissy Katie Jewish Princess In Training

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Happy July 4th week muff divers! Before my day of going to my friends awesome Valley pool party I took a call from a new little pathetic cuck slave. Another loser fucked up on July 4th like a reject forced intoxication idiot. His vice was snorting Ritilen and smoking cigarettes, how totally nasty right? He’s partially Jewish and mostly Catholic but we are going to work really hard to get more of the Jewish in him. He lives in Manhatten and worships Jewish woman, especially stuck up, snobby Jewish Princess’s like myself.
He’s got the most waspy taste for a JAP in training, we’re going to have to fix that a bit. He’s leaning more Katie Holmes and he needs to be more Lea Michelle. From the first second he called I knew he was a pay slut who had a dick the size of a pack of Trident. I was wrong it was much smaller and so grody and hairy it was like the biggest thickest bush ever. Jewish Princess rule, WAX WAX WAX! You must be nice and sissyscaped. He got out a brand new in the package hot pink venus razor but that wasn’t going to work with the giant tufts of pubes he was rocking. I had him get out his sciccors and weed whack that shit before he shaved it into a smooth girl pussy. He tucked his little tiny loser dick into his thong and started to read Teen Vogue from cover to back to learn all the latest in style and love tips. I’m totally gonna fuck this dumb cuck loser over.