Sissy In Blue Lace Blows A Blunt In Your Face

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Hey dorks, you know that fascination I was talking about in an earlier blog about Frum porn well like, I already have had 2 lonely miserable losers who live trapped in their boring unfashionable orthodox lives who found me and realized I’m the best thing to ever happen to them. I even did a little roleplay with Frum geek David. I had him call me Rachel and then when he was going to lick my virtual pussy I told him that I was secretly a shiksa and he was licking un-kosher pussy. It was really funny, you kinda had to be there. Gawd I like totally get off on making fun of the super religious.
Loser Pay Alert! *Sissy Tommy Moronvitch had to pay a special blog information removal fee. The moron doubted me that anyone would be able to find his info or get to my site with a search. Caught like the typical online stalker, I called out the Jewish Princess junkie on his google stalking and just like that, he knew he was busted. After a nice blog removal fee, I changed the losers name and removed where he works. There are ways around it thanks to the cache, lets hope his friends don’t find it.
It’s like practically Spring, I need a little Spring break getaway and loveboatbitch Billy is going to be funding that for me. He didn’t get a piece of me for 3 whole days so now today I demanded 3 Amazon gift certificates and 3 Niteflirt tributes. Do you think I let him jerk off each time he paid me?
Check out my pretty sissy spending his tribute Tuesday with a little forced intox & his girlfriend’s blue lace panties on his face and smoking a blunt. Cash and weed what a way for a sissy to start the day. You losers will do anything I say and I love it. Kiss my Jewish Princess Ass you JAP lusters.
Blue Lace Blunt In Your FaceBlue Lace