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The holidays bring me a ton of gifts, cash, long calls and the list goes on but, I always love the gift of making an asshole out of yourself for my and my fans amusement. One of my super sissy fetish fans made me this darling picture to show me how much he loves me.
His search for a Jewish phone sex femdom dreams came true when he met me. Now he lives to pay me, years to clean my house and clean the bottoms of my shoes at the end of the day. Aren’t I lucky? I will be taking phone sex calls on Niteflirt during Christmas. I have nothing that important to do that day then fuck over the massive amounts of depressed losers who will be needing some attention and somewhere to dump off their excess cash. Thats right I’ll be your virtual Jewish santa clause bitches! Go to my Amazon wish list and buy me something and show me what a good fanboy you are.
Sissy For Melissa