Silly Loser Becomes A Fredricks Of Hollywood Fairy

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Sometimes you just have to make yourself do things you never expect. Loser Jeff wants to be a star so I sent him to Hollywood only it was Fredrick’s Of Hollywood. He got to the mall and the store was pretty empty lucky him. I head chicks voices in the background and made the idiot get one of them on the phone. She got on and I explained to her that this reject needs to be dressed up and he can’t leave the store until he’s got a new outfit on and all man undergarments tossed in the garbage. She was cracking up and said she had just the right thing.
As she gave the phone back to him, he was nervously telling me what she was bringing back for him to try on. I made him ask if he could change there and lucky him, he could!
With his hot new outfit on and his yukky man clothing left in a bag for the garbage the sissy loser dashed home to get on web cam for me. I know, the pictures are like totally gag worthy with that grody hair bear hair suit all over him. He like really needs a serious dip in the nair pool. That just gave me a great idea, I think the next time this chastised fool wants out of his locked up cock cage he’s going to have to go get waxed and get rid of that body pube sweater.
Happy hour time! I’ll be taking your cash this weekend on Niteflirt so get with it fuckrods.

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