Should I Do It, Yeah I Should. Blackmail Funtime.

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My July 4th weekend was super awesome, I chilled at the beach and then went to a house party in the Hollywood Hills and saw fireworks and gut silly drunk on too many Kir Royals. I met a few cute boys and scoped out the hottest single Jewish guy in the party and got a piece of him in the pool house. I can be so totally slutty sometimes!
Dorky ass Prince Of NYC really needs to change his name to “I dream of being a Prince in NYC”. So like, the dork calls me and seriously he can’t get enough of this hot Jewish Princess Ass. He loves to let me know how his wife is such a inferior species next to me that she should be at my house cleaning my toilets, mopping my floor and filing my toe nails. I heard she cooks a mean tamale so I’d be totally ok with letting her just be my cook and well of course do the laundry.
All you butt sniffers have been going crazy over all my new photo sets. Calling me up on Niteflirt with that tremble in your voice just begging to have me sit on your face and smother you with my stunning bubble butt.
Freaky garbage guy keeps calling me over and over wanting to devour my garbage and wash my lingerie in his mouth with a gallon of bleach. Kinda like makes me want to gag just thinking about it!
Oh yes how can I forget this guy in the photo! I like really really really hate when fucking stupid losers want to get “blackmailed” and then play little mind games with me. Just for questioning me about what info I have on this douche bag I’m going to post his little dick loser picture for everyone to see him. Loser boy O’Callaghan work’s in Afghanistan isn’t it nice to see this is what is going on over there. FUCKING LOSER! I guess if he doesn’t want his picture up he will have to pay for being such a stupid loser. Who wants to get blackmailed and get fucked over by a hot Jewish Princess!!