Shana Tova Thats Happy New Year For You Non Heebs

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Shana Tova everyone! For those who don’t know what that means here is a definition (The traditional Hebrew greeting on Rosh Hashanah is shana tova for “[a] good year”, or shana tova umetukah for “[a] good and sweet year.” Here is also the break down of Rosh Hashana, educate yourselves and all you cock sucking sissy’s prepare to wrap your lips around the rams horn aka Shofar.
Jason Clark from Troy Michigan the cucky cuckold foot slave is spending My Rosh with his wallet open on his knees and sucking off my toes like a good foot fetish slave. I’m taking all his cash, having those hundred dollar bills wrapped around my toes while I take that cash and get ready to get something spectacular to drape on my perfect Jewish Princess body for my boyfriend for some post Rosh sex. Jason sets his eyes on my Princess pedicure and gets so weak he can’t stop giving me his personal info. He should be really careful, I’ve been known to take that info and print up business cards and leave them in the gay bars for sucky fucky! Jason is into reverse blackmail, he actually pay for me to destroy him. His ex girlfriend Liz ( just got a little note from me outing Jason as the loser gay sperm eater that he really is. My Jewish Princess feet command another hundred dork!!!
SHANA TOVA!! Kisses Jappy Princess Melissa