Sexpert Sex Advice From Your Jewish Princess

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I’m so used to getting a ton of mail from Men at The Daily Tease, at least they write in as Men. Today I got an email from a girl and thought she deserved a prompt response from your’s truly because I’m all about girl power! I think it would be nice if more Woman wrote in and maybe this will be the spark that lights that fire. Don’t be shy ladies ask away!

Ask a Sexpert of the Day: Becky writes:

Do you like a finger in your butt when you come? Sometimes I do when I ‘bate. I just like to put a finger or something a little in and out when I’m messing with my clit. It heightens sensitivity to the clit for some reason and provides for a more intense orgasm, but that could just be a personal perversion.

Now that’s a personal one, now isn’t it? When you’re not using your finger, exactly what is that “something” you put in there to get off? A dildo? A die-cast toy car? Your hands are certainly busy while you’re bating, good for you. I’ve tried having booty fun of all kinds, but, in the end, that’s an exit-only orifice for me. I personally don’t like anything in my ass except for the occasional tongue-lashing that happens when my man is going crazytown on my little pink palace of love. Everyone has their own personal perversions. When I’m ‘bating, I love to use my free hand to pinch my right nipple just as I’m about to orgasm. If it’s a really good one, I definitely get that extra gush of love juice when I give a super hard pinch. Enjoy your ass play, Becky, and thanks for sharing.

For more wisdom from phone-sex-domme Jappy Princess Melissa please email us your sex questions, and she’ll smarten you up with her sexpertise.