San Diego Comic Con Antics

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So like my friends and I had some business to do down in San Diego for dork fest 2010. We thought we would be all slick and take the train down from Los Angeles to avoid the traffic and well, that was a total nightmare of an idea. Seriously it was like standing room only over packed and crowded, as if I’m was going to come back that same way. I didn’t give a shit how much it was going to cost but we were totally getting a driver and a Town car or Escalade to take our asses back home. I feel totally skeeved out from all the nerd lust that was going on down in San Diego for Comic-Con. Oh my gawd I swear I could feel drool droplets like flying on me radiating from all the hot sweaty dorks.
Why was I there? Please dorks, you don’t need to know every element of my awesome life. I did meet a few new Niteflirt fans who I converted into now calling ME! I also met a slew of fist fucking toads that were ready to sign up and get some weekly abuse from the Jewish Princess. Everything was like totally crowded to to the max but we did have some awesome VIP hookups for some pretty rad parties.
A quick 48 hours flew by and of course I picked out the right suckers! At the Tron party we met these guys who were execs there on business and just our luck they were leaving when we wanted to AND were going back to Los Angeles via limo. I was totally drunk and told then about my blog and the whole Niteflirt thing and basically how I use men for money and exploit the fact that I’m a total JAP that loves having my ass kissed. They were so intrigued of course and like all dumb men, I saw them bone up and own up to those hard cocks as I told them tales.They were ass kissing me even harder I knew we had it in the bag. The limo ride back was amazing drinking wine, having these retards rub our feet, and of course a total pull over to get some On and Out burgers. Once again the Jewish Princess prevails courtesy of some rich hot MARRIED dorks that we thanked by giving them our panties and my Niteflirt phone number.