Royal Bitch Princess Week

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Hey dorkatronic Jewish Princess lovers! It’s been Royal week all week long and I did some royal Jewish Princess fuck overs. Passover loser discovered that I had posted his web cam stills on Twitter and begged me to take them down, so for a nice chunk of cash I took them down and taxed him on idiot fee for being so stupid to think I wasn’t going to spread him all over the internet and whore his pictures out for my own laughs.
If you’re willing to get on cam and humiliate yourself you open yourself up to getting humiliated then know the possibilities of what could happen to you ! It took him nearly a week to realize that beyond posting him on Twitter I posted even more revealing photos on my site. Wahh wahhh the loser sissy bitch came to me asking him to take his pictures down thinking that because he paid me to take them off Twitter that they should come down. FUCK THAT NOISE NERD! Even though I blurred his face out he thought the background of his room would be too obvious as well. I’m not sure at point he thought I gave a fuck about him getting found out for being a slave to a Jewish Goddess being the dirt under my Jewish powerful feet. His family would freak, just the way I like it. There were 2 photos that clearly showed his face so I thought $400 was an adequate blog removal fee for a Arab slave boy. He thought it was too expensive but when you fuck with a snobby Jewish Royal bitch you’re going to pay the price for being a sub human loser. PS. He is so gross and knows how gross he is that he wouldn’t even show me his nasty brown dick. Ya for me not having to see that nasty thing.