Rep Weiner The Weinergate Pervert

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Hey geeks, wow it’s been a fun week with Weinergate and another pervert official showing off his dong in public. Another pervert swayed by pussy. In Weiners chat he said to one of the girls “Wow a Jewish Girl who gives head“. Most of us Jewish girls love to suck cock but swallowing, grody none of the JAPS in my Jew crew would EVER let those nasty demon seeds get anywhere near our perfect dental work.
Rumor has it that Jewish men have small cocks, I’ve always thought that was a ridiculous myth and here we have further proof. I have to say the Weinerdog is PACKIN some serious Hebrew hammer heat in there.
Guys, when are you going to learn to stop showing off your cock on the web to Woman you can’t trust. This is what makes phone sex, phone anything so much safer.
1. We won’t see your phone number
2. You can be anonymous and be whoever you want without proving it (Nice pictures of Clinton behind your chest Weiner)
3. The $3.00 a minute it would cost to talk to me is a hell of a lot cheaper then what it’s going to cost you to get your reputation back and the jewelry you’re going to have to get your lady.
4. I don’t out the semi famous and famous perverts that have been stupid enough to out themselves to me. I have no interest in getting on Entertainment Tonight or talking to TMZ.
With that being said, Perverts give me a call for a safe, humiliating experiance with a cock loving Jewish Princess
I’m feeling generous, spend $1000 get 1 minute free.