Questioning My Sexuality Am I Gay?

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L’shana Tova! pronounced (Le’ Shaanaaa ToeVah) A little Judaism 101 – my people just celebrated Rosh Hashana. Click the link and learn all about it and educate yourself if you’re not already aware.
Lets start the Jewish New Year off with something out of my mailbox. I get daily calls from Men questioning their sexuality. Most of them are Married or are in relationships and they know it doesn’t feel right.

” Princess Melissa,
Two nights ago I found myself at an adult bookstore – browsing the new release dvd section. This particular store still has the video booths that you can watch in. I had been in there a time or two (maybe more) bet never into the booths. For some reason, I needed to have a release so I got some change and headed back. I was enjoying the movie I had selected when I heard a tap on the side of the wall from the booth next to me. That is when I looked over and saw the hole in the wall – and a cock sliding through. I was somewhat in a daze as I watched this hard cock slide through right at eye level. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I started to get up to leave, as I did, my own hand betrayed me and it reached out to touch it. I wrapped my fingers around him and slowly started to stoke him. I heard him moan, and I lost control, my stroking got faster, my mouth got closer, before I knew what I was doing his cock was in my mouth. He kept saying, yes so good, yes please don’t stop, here it cums – as he shot cum right into my mouth. Dumbstruck I swallowed and kept stroking until he started pulling his cock back through the hole. I heard him say thanks as the door opened and he left. I sat there and for the first time got a clear mind and realized my own cock was rock hard. I had enjoyed that, there was no way to deny it. The movie I had on had run out of time, but still I sat, stroking my cock, when I heard the door open and shut again. I sat quiet, scared? hoping? not sure – I think you know what happened again.
Am I gay? How do I tell my wife about this? Why can’t I stop thinking about going back? Why do I want to suck more than two next time? Can you help me?”

Now, I don’t really think my friend is totally gay at least right now I think he’s just gay for cock. It’s all a matter of time before he’s going on dates and changing his name to Mary. Why she he bother telling his wife? She probably hasn’t paid attention to him in years and has her own thing going on. He may eventually want a divorce when his new boyfriend moves him in and makes him his very own cock sucking house bitch. Always here to help the sexually needy.