Pumpkin Fucker Part 2 Doing The Jap-O-Lantern

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Hey dorks, you didn’t really think I was gonna let up on this whole pumpkin fucking thing did you. Sissy Mcloser went out and fulfilled my mission and as you can see the sissy piggy has earned his wings. He went and got his fairy wings and a mask as I ordered. I love the look of his reading glasses over the mask so he can read my messages, great touch. I just HAD to make a lil mini clip so everyone could see the Princess power I have over fat geeky sissy boys. A true dumb dumb would run out and get a pumpkin and have sex with it. Oh wait, it wasn’t an option because if he didn’t do what I wanted I was going to out his sissy ass. Hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your pumpkins! I’ll be jacking your cash and candy all weekend long on Niteflirt geeks!