Princess Melissa Manifesto

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Just when you think the ideal bitchy Jewish Princess is like a Unicorn I come along. Addiction is certainly not cheap or for the nut tuggers who think I’m going to sit and let them drop loads all ay while spanking on their salami. This pervert has been around the Niteflirt scene for a while i’ve seen hm clicking around and lurking my pages for a long time he even would drop by now and then but never really pull through. He took one step too deep this time. Loser mail for all of us to laugh at.

“I guess I am addicted. There’s probably no other way of explaining my behavior, which I suppose it’d be fair to call obsessive. But of course, as you well know (and use to your advantage), if you want a man to obsess, there’s nothing like teasing a man’s dick hard and then preventing him from cumming. Which leads me to my point. I thought it might be helpful to clarify your instructions to me as I understand them. These are all taken from your emails and IM messages. Putting them together like this reveals a harsh and ultra-humiliating reality that I am in over my head. I thought this might be a one-time thing, a quick jerking off. Obviously you had other ideas, and so here we are — the Princess Melissa Manifesto:

1. Princess Melissa is proud to be a cruel bitch. She is tricky, she loves to torture me, and I never know what she might do.

2. Princess Melissa knows what’s right for me. She always know what’s best. All that matters to me is what Princess Melissa wants.

3. I can’t stay away from Princess Melissa. She should be on my mind at all times. She will always have a firm pantied cock leash on me.

4. Princess Melissa knows that I have urges to wear panties, and that I must confront those urges. The more I look at Princess Melissa, the stronger urge I feel to wear panties. The more she talks about panties, the more I need to wear them.

5. Wherever I go, I seem to see panties. I yearn to wear panties. I feel a desperate need to wear panties. Panties are talking to me and telling me I need to wear them.

6. I am required to pray to panties every hour by reciting the following prayer in my head: “Panties oh Panties, Panties I love, Panties are my true love.”

7. I am a sissy. I must be a good sissy for Princess Melissa.

8. A sissy doesn’t get to cum unless he earns the right to cum. Princess Melissa doesn’t ever want me cumming. Princess Melissa loves keeping me hard. I don’t get to cum unless Princess Melissa decides I can.