Pretty Pathetic In Pink…. Isn’t She

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I love starting the morning out right with a good sissy caller. Laughs with my cup of tea and a fistful of cash, no better way to start the day. This morning was a special day. I’m invited to look at high pitched sissy’s web cam, I accept the invite and OH MY GAWD it looked like an electric flamingo puked then exploded onto my screen.
As you can see from the web cam shots of the pathetic loser that is one scary little slut. How awesomely humiliating are those panties he has on! That pink slut whore freak will let anything enter that grody little pussy hole.
Getting ready to go to Napa for 5 luxurious days of lavishing myself with loads of sex, wine, food and fabulousness in no particular order. I need some preppyish clothing to go with the scenery, hair freshly done and of course mani/pedi and I’m all set. Stephane just sent me a $100 to take care of getting a nice fresh blow out hurrah for me. You wouldn’t want your JAP to have frizzy hair would you?
Willing Will tweeted his way into my wallet in 140 characters or less I gained a couple hundred. It pays to be a hot Jewish Princess that boys want that know they can’t have. La Dee Da, I’m better then you.