Pretty Little Twitter Sissy And Ass Slaves

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Who wants a smelly Princess puff from my charmed ass? yeah you know you all want to be on all fours with your noses parked behind my big firm ass. Whats going on geeks, lots happening here in hot California. Macy’s just had this amazing sale and I like totally scored the hottest jeans that denim slave Brett had to pay for. The best part though is there was no sale on the jeans that I wanted that of course were $275 but then I took a hot ass picture in the dressing room and sent it to fuck face denim lover and like magic a $330 tribute came rolling in on Niteflirt. All it ever takes is my Princess ass to get what I want, a few shakes in some skin tight jeans and the world is my oyster thanks to you drooling trolls of mine.
Twitter sissy boy Richie is a total cum craving slut. He took this hot shot for me to let everyone see what a total bitch cock sucking sissy he is. He usually blurs his face out but I thought it might be nicer for everyone to get a nice look at his sissy face. I personally love the red fairy hair. It’s got some bounce to it. I wonder if it bounces when his head is bobbing up and down on fat dicks.
I hope your girlfriend catches this, her reaction might be worth it.
Twitter Sissy Richie