Playing Passover Financial Domiantion Games Princess Style

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Happy Passover to all my Jew boy worship bitch’s. Are you prepared for your four questions? I’m going to guess the majority of you cheeto dicks have no idea what Passover is. Educate yourself and read about Passover .
My 2 job hard working mule boy Billy played a little life of leisure Passover financial domination game with me. I gave him my own custom four questions that he needed to respond properly. Each response resulted in having to send me an Amazon gift card the better he could respond to the questions the less it cost him. As you can see the bitch boy ended up $800 deep into pampering me. As he got his education on Passover and hiding the matzoh, I was busy with my pretty little feet perched up spending away. Jealous much you foot fanatic boys.
As I’m making my Chocolate Caramel Matzo for dessert at passover dinner tonight new caller Mike the loser Jewboy called me on Niteflirt to be made fun of. His voice sounded familiar, oh wait it was just the sound of a whiny nerdy Jew boy that I know so well. He told me that I looked like a girl he went to school with that was a total bitch. So I started singing my loser song to him and that was all it took to make the geek my bitch. I need to go get my nails done now, Thanks for the spa gift cards! I want more so march your asses to my amazon wish list and send them over to your Jewish Princess.

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