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I’ve been so busy being me wow, I can’t even believe Adam Lambert didn’t win American Idol last night of course pussy wussy cracker boy won. I can only imagine how many closet cases were out there sitting on the couch with their wife or girlfriend watching Idol fantasizing about submitting to Adam and sucking his gay cock. Right boys, you know what I mean wink wink.
Jeffrey my Jewish Princess foot fanatic surprised my sweet Summer toes with a stunning pair of Marc Jacobs platforms that arrived today. I love my new hot designer shoes that are so sexy! I think they would look even hotter with a cock pinned underneath torturing it and stepping on it. I got on cam to show him how stunning my legs and ass looked perched up on my hot new platforms and of course made him tribute me as well. I sat there on the couch with my legs long and lean with my stunning new shoes teasing Jeffrey as I let them dangle off my sweet toesies. Just because my hot new shoes are patent leather no, I’m not going to let you cum on them to shine them, as if dorkboy!

Jap Jacobs