Passover Putz 2011 Holiday Humiliation

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Shalom peeps, I’ve totally been sticking to Passover and well thats kinda making me like totally bloated and gassy. I have a major case of Passover gas ass. This new throng of Jewish Princess fart lovers have been begging and throwing cash at me for the chance to get a whiff of that matzo scented derriere. I saw some hot new jeans I need but there’s no way in hell my big juicy ass is going to fit into it until this holiday is over. Ya know what, fuck it I’m totally rebelling no more matzo bloat. If I had one of you loser boys here right now I would take each slice out and bust it over you hard dick as you stood there pathetic, naked and weak. That would be funny wouldn’t it?
And here we have my Passover Putz 2011 direct from the United Kingdom I present to you loser slave boy Fareed. He’s been desperate to serve a chosen one and knows he belongs under my powerful Jewish ass. We started off him dropping off a couple hundred to me at Niteflirt before I would even look at him on cam He begged me not to post these photos, AS IF! I have to show off to everyone the biggest Passover loser of the year. This skinny little English dirt bag flea needs to be annihilated by a Jewish Princess. Submit and open that wallet sissy boy! I gave him a light cash raping giving him a little hope I might blur his face out completely. That’s going to be at least another $150 at least. Fuck it, feeling greedy and celebrating freedom! So fuck you very much Saudi bitch boy!