Pantie Wearing Sissy Moron

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Hey dorks, I just got off an hour on the step mill and i’m feeling on fire! Yikes there was a huge earthquake in Chile a couple hours ago and a potential tsunami in Hawaii. I hope any callers I have in those regions are alright. Enough of the nicey nice, like I said I’m in a mood right feeling extra greedy and you know what happens when a Jewish Princess feels greedy, its time for some lucky love to get used! Loveboatbilly is becoming more and more addicted to his naughty Jewish sex kitten. He keeps dropping me off those $100 tributes and well the more he does it of course the more I flirt and seduce like the crafty bitch that I am. But really, lets face it, so many of you goyim dream of a bossy Jewish girl in your life to control you.
In other loser news we have a new slave to a Jewish Princess Thomas Moronovitch , Lets just call him Moron. Like seriously, you look like a total tool in your panties and you really need to get your fat ass into the gym and shape it up if you want to be sexy! I’m expecting this fagarific feminization humiliation junkie to get some more stylish girly gear to wear for me. What’s the deal with so many of you sissy boys calling up and getting on web cam and wearing the most tacky lingerie. Like don’t you know what a mall is! Dress like a girl for your favorite bratty Jewish Princess and call me bitches!

You're a Frilly FagPink Sissy Bitch