On The Last Night Of Hanukkah A Nerd Gave to Me…. CASH Of Course

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Hanukkah may be over but lets face it, In my Jewish Princess world it’s Hanukkah every day. Thanks to you dorky Jewish Princess lusters I got loads of goodies for 8 days straight. My nerdy nebbish Jew followers sitting there all alone this Hanukkah with no one to light the menorah with. Allen440 called every night to listen to me say the prayer over the candles to pretend we were going on a date. I always laughed in his face in the end and told him I had a date with a goy boy with a big cock , one that could actually get me off. Sorry Allen.
All you other nerd bombs who want me pulling out your little shmeckels and pounding away to dreams of being able to touch my Princess body. Thinking about how you were going to play a round of strip spin the dreidel with me and my sexy bitchy Jew Crew, watching us get naked as we drink wine and…… O.K wake up from the fantasy, we both know it’s never going to happen. My P.O box was stuffed with gelt which is cash for you goy’s reading this that didn’t clue in on that one. My amazon account is piling up, too bad I can’t get brand new Mercedes on Amazon.
Ughhh I can’t believe Russel lost on Survivor this season and that dumb coat tail riding shiksa prayer warrior idiot won. I’d last about 30 min in that game, I’d want to go home after I was done tanning.
On The Last Night Of Hanukkah