Nothing Sexier Then A Big Jewish Nose

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It’s so fun to get paid to talk about how superior Jewish Woman are, especially when it lasts a couple hours at a higher rate due to idiot goy boy taxation. We spent an hour talking about prominent Jewish noses and how when goy boy nose lover was a kid he was really into Barbara Streisand and was fascinated with her powerful nose. He loved the fact that she was so confident and powerful that she didn’t change that nose for anyone. She doesn’t need too Babs is fabulous and so are all the Jewish ladies who know the power they have with their divine prominent sniffers. Without those huge noses how would she smell all the cash she’s making and the roses at her mansions.
Love notes from losers.
“Yeah, I’d say that your nose is prominent.  Very nice bridge.  Your schnoz is big enough to be sexy, but I’ve seen bigger, loll. I love a hooked nose with a fleshy tip, a very prominent schnoz. You ARE nice but you have a lot of kutzpah and I love and respect that.  Across the street from where I live is my town’s Jewish Cultural Center.  Think I could meet a Jewess there?   Once we broke the ice, the call got better.  When you called me a stupid schmuck, I got a boner.  I love Yiddish.  I love the “sch” sounds the “z” sounds.  Don’t know why. 
Your goy boy and a very dumb schmuck,