No Loser I Don’t Care What You Look Like

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Jappy Princess Melissa rant time! Ok so like I get this mail on Niteflirt that says:
“hey! i was wondering if you would be interested in setting up a skype session (i’ll pay any amount -$50 for 5 mins) ..if your interested let me know…thanks! bill p.s enclosed is a pic of me to help you make up your mind 😉 (im on the left)”
This message wreaked of non paying loser right away. Let me offer a tip to you geeks who think you’re going to get some free chit chat time. When you say things like “I’ll pay any amount” to us with brains that’s interpreted to say “I’m just another douchebag trying to get off for free”.
Main part of this rant, the enclosed photo to “help me make up my mind”. You can’t be like serious can you? Like I’m even tempted or interested in opening some random photo from some random idiot who has never spent a penny. Get real loser, I could give a fuck what you look like. I asked him why he thinks I would care what he looks like anyway he came up with “because I’m attractive” Do you think I’m going to lower my rate because your attractive? I see cash not faces idiot.
After my declining of looking at his pictures and his little fake paying session he messaged on yahoo to tell me “nevermind then……go get a real job”. Like for real go tell that to my account bitch!